‘Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes’ Guide - How To Farm Characters, Level Up Fast & Get The Best Teams (2024)

Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes has been captivating mobile gamers for well over a year, but there are plenty of new Force users entering the fold. This guide is for them. While the systems can seem a little intimidating, here’s our best strategies for character farming, fast leveling and team selection.


Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes is a turn-based game where teams of up to five Star Wars heroes battle one another. The basic hook of the experience is collecting and leveling up the best heroes through random generation. Much like other card collecting mobile games, heroes are often doled out in tiered packs that you can pay for.

Here are the modes you can play:

  • Light/Dark Side Battles : These battles are your basic campaign. Teams of five battle against AI across eight progressively difficult stages. Victory in each battle gives you gear to upgrade your character. Dark side battles unlock at player level 12. Teams must be all hero or all villain.
  • Squad Arena : Here you face off against player squads in PvP. The battles are not live. Wins grant gear and increase rank. There are no team restrictions.
  • Cantina Battles : These are like Light/Dark Side battles with no team restrictions. They are the best way to farm for characters with gear. It’s unlocked at level 28.
  • Galactic War : It’s like the other mixed character modes. However, this time, the health you lose in each battle is lost for good. Knocked out characters don’t revive. You can only play once per day, but it grants access to higher-level rewards. The mode is unlocked at level 40.

For the purposes of this guide, we’re going to focus on things up to level 28.


The combat of Galaxy Of Heroes is actually really simple, so the tutorial does a good job of explaining it. With your earliest characters, you’ll be able to select from either a Basic or Special ability for each party member. The Basic can be used immediately, and the Special is on a cooldown timer. Just tap the icon to perform the move. If no characters die, you’ll be awarded a three-star victory. One death results in two stars and multiple deaths earns one star.

‘Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes’ Guide - How To Farm Characters, Level Up Fast & Get The Best Teams (1)

As you level up your heroes, with gear, you’ll gain access to Leader abilities and Unique abilities. Leaders offer a stat buff to the whole team, and Uniques are like Specials without cooldown.


There are several ways to make heroes stronger in Galaxy Of Heroes. Let’s recap them all.

  • Use a training droid : You’ll often receive training droids from victory, and those can be applied with the bounty of Credits you’ll start with. At the character select screen, tap the one you wish to train and hit the Train button. You’ll see a list of applicable droids. Tap the one you want to use and hit train. This offers a standard stat buff as the character levels.
  • Increasing Stars : Increasing stars promotes your character. Promotion offers a greater jump each time you level up. To promote, you must collect Shards for the character. To do that, tap the Find button at the bottom right. You’ll see which battles offer a chance to get the Shard you need. Keep playing those with the energy you have. Shards are often found in hard mode battles.
  • Gear : Gear unlocks more abilities for your character. It’s won in battle and farmed the same way as Shards. Tap the small squares next to your character to find out which gear you need. Then, play the battles to get it. If you see a + sign, that means gear can be added or crafted. Always do so on the characters you want to use.


Characters are unlocked by collecting Shards. To find out which Shards a character needs, tap its locked icon in the character select menu. The Find button in the bottom right will tell you which battles may yield the right Shards.

‘Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes’ Guide - How To Farm Characters, Level Up Fast & Get The Best Teams (3)

Alternately, if you feel like spending money, buying packs from the store is always an option for those who dislike grinding. Some high-level players suggest buying just one Chromium pack to get a boost. However, others will tell you it’s totally possible to play for free if you’re patient.


For a game like Galaxy Of Heroes, the meta is constantly evolving. That being said, some of these suggestions may change. However, here are a few of the favorite players in critical roles. We hope to publish a more detailed tier list in the future with full explanations, but here’s a taste of it.


  • Boba Fett
  • Geonosian Soldier
  • Jedi Anakin


  • Admiral Akbar
  • Aayla Secura
  • Biggs Darklighter


  • Sun Fac
  • Stormtrooper Han
  • General Kenobi


  • Barriss Offee
  • Jedi Councilar

When making a squad, you’re best off picking characters along these roles. In the character selection screen, use the filters to see which characters fall into each of these categories. If you’ve got a balanced offense with the ability to heal, you’ll wreck shop in the Arena.

Once you get a team you like, stick with it. Free players will never unlock all the characters, so just work towards one great squad with high-level gear.


  • Crystals : Buy Cards, general shipments and recharge energy
  • Credits : Train, promote and craft
  • Cantina Credits : Buy items in Cantina shipments
  • Energy : Used to play Light and Dark battles. It replenishes at three two-hour intervals. 12. p.m. to 2.p.m., 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. local time.
  • Cantina Energy : Replenishes over time and needed to play Cantina Battles.
  • Arena Tokens : Used to purchase Arena shipments


Here are some tips for players based on common questions.

‘Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes’ Guide - How To Farm Characters, Level Up Fast & Get The Best Teams (4)
  • To level up fast, be sure to complete your Daily Activities at the main menu. Complete objectives in ways where you can get multiple done at once.
  • Once you start leveling up, energy will be hard to come by. Use all your Crystals on energy refreshes instead of buying cards.
  • Farming effectively mandates use of auto-play and SIM tickets. SIM tickets can be used on battles you’ve gotten three stars, and it instantly finishes the fight. Auto-play is accessed by hitting the play button in the top left of the battle screen. Use it to fight quickly on battles you know you can win.
  • Replay every mission so you always get three stars. That way, you’ll be able to SIM every key fight as necessary.
  • Don’t try to blast through the campaign missions. To get good at Galaxy Of Heroes, you must constantly grind your characters up. Eventually you’ll find that you’re wiping out opponents in battles that used to be tough.
  • Join a guild to get more benefits from your allies. Check out the Galaxy Of Heroes subreddit to see who needs a guild.

Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes is available now as a free download on Android and iOS.

What do you think of the tips in this guide? What is your best squad combination right now? Tell us in the comments section!


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‘Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes’ Guide - How To Farm Characters, Level Up Fast & Get The Best Teams (2024)


What is the fastest way to level up in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes? ›

By consistently completing your daily tasks, you'll obtain more than enough materials for leveling both your team and your account.

What is the fastest way to get characters in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes? ›

Despite being quite tough at the level when you unlock it (level 40), the Galactic War is one of the best methods for quickly unlocking powerful characters. This mode consists of a series of battles that you can complete daily and that, once finished, reward you with galactic coins.

What is the fastest way to get gems in Star Wars galaxy of heroes? ›

Best way to obtain crystals is fleet arena and GAC. Best use is energy refreshes. All of the first cost level of all energies (50 for normal energy for example) get you about 25-30% more than what stuff costs in crystals in any shipment/store. It takes more patience though.

How to upgrade characters in Star Wars Heroes? ›

Leveling up in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is tied directly to how many experience points you earn, and the single best way to earn experience points is by completing your Daily Activities list.

How to progress quickly in SWGOH? ›

Swgoh progress
  1. Always finish all your daily activities.
  2. Focus on one team at a time, don't spread yourself too thin. ...
  3. Join an actual guild, not sure if you're still in a starter one.
  4. Look up a good starter guide, at your point it's about building the foundations for success.
Nov 15, 2023

What is the fastest way to get XP in Hero Wars? ›

Hero experience is obtained by completing Campaign missions or by using EXP Potions. In Campaign missions the experience per hero is the mission experience divided by the number of Heroes.

How do you get Lord Vader in Galaxy of Heroes? ›

Lord Vader Hero's Fall is a Galactic Ascension event that rewards the Galactic Legend Lord Vader and his Ultimate Ability. This event requires Player Level 85, 14 Characters at Relic 5 or higher and 1 Ship in order to enter it.

How do you get 100% Galaxy in Lego Star Wars? ›

What is the 100% Completion Reward in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga? Upon completing all main missions, side missions, level challenges, puzzles, races, shooting galleries, and having collected all characters, starships, capital ships, minikits, and Datacards, you'll attain 100% completion.

How to get unlimited crystals in swgoh? ›

It's simple! Just access the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Generator, select the amount of Crystals and Credits you need, and let the magic unfold. Within moments, you'll see your resources grow, giving you the power to unlock new characters, upgrade gear, and dominate the battlefield.

How do you farm gems in bit heroes? ›

  1. Get potentially more gems by watching video ads.
  2. Log in at least once a day to use your Tickets, Badges, Energy etc. Using up everything at least once a day will significantly boost your progress.
  3. If you plan on using a 'big' booster (eg. ...
  4. Never spend gems on cosmetics because they have no impact on your game play.

How do you increase max hero level in Hero Wars? ›

Hero level cap depends on your current team level. To gain hero experience: complete Campaign missions using heroes you wish to upgrade; use EXP potions.

Can you transfer Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes? ›

If you want to move your account to a device with a different operating system, you'll need access to both devices. First, follow these steps on your old device. Log in to the account you want to move. From the main cantina screen, tap the cog icon to open the Settings menu, then tap Link a Device.

How do you level up fast in Disney Heroes? ›

Completing quests is the best way. Raids can also help. You could also buy the Team XP in the Mega Mart. Its pretty useful for leveling up.

How do you increase your hero level? ›

Leveling up Heroes

To level up a Hero click on the one you want to level up in your inventory and click on Upgrade/Inspect. The amount of Hero XP required to level up your Hero is on the right side and your available Hero XP is on the left side. To level up your Hero click on Level Up.

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