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Where you can prepare to join a nice multiplayer .io game online free on, which is one of our selected cars games io, classified in our list of Mario kart gamesoffered on our website. Buckle up and get your dose of fun and adrenaline-pumping rides in this Smash Karts game that is a new gender of io games. Join hundreds of players from all around the world in a nice multiplayer kart battle arena game where you drive fast, collect the boxes spread all over the maps. And load your guns with all sorts of destructive weapons.

How to play
Use the arrow keys to drive and balance the karts and the space bar to place or activate the weapons. provides cool explosive mines, rocket launchers, bullet machines, shields, and much more fun-to-play features. Don't worry about dying you will rapidly be respawned will a fully-loaded life. Just worry about being at the top of the list with a kill that you can see on the right side of the game interface. Because when the time runs out to be the winner.

Tips and Tricks in
Each round is three minutes in length. The winner is the person who receives the most significant number of points and is ranked first on the leaderboard! Unexpected weapons and bonuses will be hidden inside gift boxes scattered throughout the arena, so keep an eye out for them. They can be equipped with a rocket launcher, a heavy machine gun, a turret, high-explosive mines, a TNT bomb, and other explosives. You can only use one weapon at a time, and you only have a limited amount of time to do so. We wish you the best of luck in the arena of battle! Have fun in this epic fun multiplayer .io game and make sure you explore other .io games online like, CleanUp.IO, and Good luck and be wild in all those go kart games.

Release Date March 2020
Updated On 15.03.2022 to html5 and its HTTPS version of the game.

Type Html5 -WebGL

Platform PC, Web browser and also on mobiles devices
HTTP Ready Yes

Mobile Ready Yes

Genre Cars, Action, Driving, IO games, Ability, Battle Royale, WebGL, Boys.

Developer has been created by John Halloran. But you can play the game online for free on

The web browser version of the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3


Arrows or W, A, S, D to drive

Space bar to fire weapons


  • Simple 3D graphics with vibrant colors.
  • 4 different types of colors for your character skins and kart.
  • 8 different animal skins from rabbits to docs, pandas, bears, and more.
  • A Double cargo.
  • Full-screen mode.
  • Fast respawning time.
  • Simple gameplay.

More Information
Have fun in games 3d that can be played online for free on it's developed with html5 technology allowing it to work perfectly in all modern browsers. If you enjoy this game make sure your other awesome .io games surviveonline and have a blast.Good luck and enjoy other similario games for free.

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Here on, you can play for free directly in your browser games unblocked. We make sure to keep the games unblocked if you want to play them even from schools, libraries, and other location that restricts access to the games. Play it and have a blast with the best and newest unblocked go kart games .io!

Make sure you check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube game-play of free on

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